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Physie classes and competitions are grouped by age. Dance routines are designed around the skills of girls in that age group, Physie offers girls the chance to get fit, make lifelong friendships, and have lots of fun! Physie encourages a lifelong love of exercise and increases confidence and self-esteem.

BJP Physie provides a fun, affordable, team and individual sport that encourages all girls and women to participate.


Join the fun at Kings Langley!

Preschoolers Ages 3 - 4

All it takes is Faith & Trust and a little bit of Pixie Dust 

BJP Physie has always been the perfect place for preschool girls to learn the first basics of dancing.  Co-ordination, rhythm, balance, fitness, strength and discipline are all key elements of the classes.  Each week, they’ll dance to a variety of songs and nursery rhymes whilst learning skills to assist them in everyday life. Of course, the kids don’t know they’re getting all this – they’re just busy dancing, singing and generally having lots of fun!

Through positive encouragement and engaging classes, children learn how to communicate through movement, music and performance, giving them the skills they need to thrive.

Primary Ages 5 - 12

Be your own kind of beautiful and be ready to fly

With confidence, girls can achieve anything they dream of in life.  Physie is a sport to keep your daughter active and healthy as well as teach rhythm and movement to music, it is a safe place to form new lifelong friendships as well as build body strength and flexibility.   

The skills your daughter will learn at Kings Langley Physie will set her up for life. It’s not just about dancing to the choreographed steps and routines, it’s also about learning how to be dedicated and driven to reach for her own goals. Your daughter will learn resilience and teamwork, and also to think for herself

Seniors Ages 13 and up

If you can dream it, you can do it

Whether you’ve grown up doing physie and dance or are new to physie, with Kings Langley Physie you will be inspired by our dedicated team to discover a new passion in your life.


You will be encouraged to reach for the stars and challenge yourself to achieve your goals.

Your Physie classes are an empowering space where you can be yourself and make life long friendships and memories. Physie will not only give you the confidence to perform on the competition but also the confidence to be your best in school and as you spread your wings in the world.

Ladies Ages 18+

What if I fail "Oh but my darling what if you fly"

Be welcomed by ladies who have a zest for life, our weekly class are filled with laughter and fun. Our ladies classes are for all women regardless of fitness level or dance experience. Physie is not only a place to find fitness and strength but it wll also nourish your soul. . Physie will energise, strengthen and tone your body week by week.

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